An Online Fashion Retailer

A cutting-edge Nominated Carrier Scheme (NCS) and Value Added Services (VAS) solution.

Our Client

Our client is a global fashion destination selling cutting-edge women and men’s fashion to the 16 – 35 demographic. With a mix of 85,000 own-label and global fashion brands they are the first destination in online shopping for the fashion conscious. They operate a complex global supply chain delivering from their fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe to customers in 241 countries.

The Situation

Our client operates arguably the most complicated NCS in the UK now servicing 800+ UK Landed Suppliers. This NCS combined with the VAS flow delivers cr. 40 million units per annum into the fulfilment centres in UK and Europe.

In 2014 they embarked upon a tender process for both the NCS & VAS work. The driving factor in the selection process was the ability to develop and deliver intelligent yet simple systems and solutions capable of keeping pace with their own rapid growth, whilst improving speed to market and remain commercially viable.

Our Solution

In partnership with our customer we implemented Advanced’s intelligent logistics principles including a bespoke online IT solution (Vector) which provides simplified administration and order tracking along with a suite of management tools delivering visibility for the retailer their suppliers and us.   The phased implementation delivered significantly reduced end to end costs and removed days from the lead time for our customer.  Over an 18 month period we delivered:

Supplier purchase order management 

Online visibility

Track and trace

Cross-Docking & consolidation management 

Inbound fulfilment centre scheduling

Value Added Services (VAS), pre-retail and upstream compliance

Touch screen kiosk VAS processing system 

Unique licence plate and manifest packing data

Automated manifests - ability to manifest stock by carton, creating master manifest exchanged electornically

Scanned to vehicle and auto send to customer

Green lane deliveries

Real time PO management

Online KPI metrics and analytics

Continuous improvement to continue to reduce end to end costs and further shrink lead times 

Our Measurable Results

>99% Supplier Collection Performance

Reduction in end to end inbound logistics cost

Significantly improved speed to market

Full real-time visibility for buying and merchansiding teams

Improved customer warehouse efficiency (smoother inbound volumes)


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