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About Us

At the forefront of the UK’s technology-driven logistics sector, Advanced Supply Chain Group provides intelligent, international supply chain solutions to retailers, brands, and manufacturers.

  • Our History

    Since being founded in 1997 our business has grown and evolved, and we’ve developed innovative new practices to meet the increasingly complex set of demands placed on supply chains in today’s omnichannel era.

  • E2E E-commerce Solutions

    ASCG has six owned warehouses and fulfilment centres across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, and long-term trading partnerships spanning the globe. An international logistics provider that moves more than 250 million products around the world each year and employs over 1,500 people.

  • Agility

    Supply chains have become more fragmented and increasingly complex. Our agility and continued innovation allow us to navigate the challenges of operating successfully in an omnichannel environment. We do this through our deep understanding of consumer trends and by offering customers a bespoke blend of the technology, tools, and access to talent that creates their competitive advantage.

  • Customer Centric Approach

    The customer is at the heart of our business. Our commitment to them is to continually develop and improve our business and our services. Our customers look to our agility, our ability to react quickly to change, and potential opportunities. We are proud to be a leading provider of supply chain services and a trusted logistics partner to some of the most well-respected brands.

  • Technology

    Innovation and continuous improvement are in our DNA, we embrace technology and new ways of working. We are a technology and values-led business, and our ethos is aligned with key principles covering corporate and social responsibility, people, respect, quality, agility, innovation, continuous improvement, and growth.

  • Award Winning Group

    ASCG are proud winners of many industry and business awards that recognise the outstanding achievements of ASCG’s talent and the company’s excellence in customer service, technical innovation, and sustained growth.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    ASCG actively embeds CSR into our operating culture through our people values & vision which foster a robust approach to responsibility. We are dedicated to our charity partners and participate actively in their work & success. ASCG undertakes various fundraising events, and actively supports local communities/charities. We provide our employees with the ability to provide support to local causes within business hours. 

  • Values & Culture

    Our values support our company vision, shape our culture and outline our ways of working. ASCG is proud of the commitment and investment it has made into creating a collaborative problem solving culture.

Why choose Advanced to be your trusted partner?

ASCG are an established end to end supply chain and logistics service provider with over 25 years’ experience. As part of Reconomy, we deliver technology led solutions to leading retailers & brands across B2C, B2B and omni-channel sectors.

With origin and global logistics capabilities, our own transport fleet, and both UK and European warehousing facilities, our intelligent and agile solutions give our customers confidence in their supply chain.

ASCG delivers a best-in-class service, enabling our partners to match global demand with global supply, whilst maintaining margins and delivering a great customer experience.

Advanced Supply Chain by Reconomy

Reconomy is an international circular economy specialist that combines technology, skills and incredible people to build sustainability ‘Loops’ that create circular opportunities for business. Our vision is a waste-free world where resources are conserved, and economic growth is achieved through sustainable circular means.

With proven expertise in core verticals of sustainability, Reconomy supports thousands of customers worldwide on their journeys towards greater sustainable efficiencies and zero waste.

Reconomy has implemented a strategy of technology-enablement, dynamic and accurate data collation and dedicated service propositions, which we fulfil from our platform of substantial operations helping major customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Importantly, we do far more for our customers than simply manage their resources, report their compliance, or optimise their product returns. We genuinely strive to help them reduce the amount of waste material they produce, reduce their environmental impact, and embrace more circular ways of working.

Reconomy’s full range of capabilities are organised into three ‘loops’, each providing opportunities for circularity within the wider resource cycle. These capabilities are put into practice by our diverse group of specialist, like-minded Reconomy brands, with each having its own unique mix of technology, skills and incredible people. Each of our brands plays an active role in helping our customers to achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. Not only do we focus on their needs, we are always innovating and anticipating the services they will require in the future.

Our passion, innovation and customer-focus has seen Reconomy grow at an exponential rate, putting us in a position to help even more businesses across the world to reclaim lost value from their resources and support our purpose of creating a waste-free world. We are committed to making a real difference to the customers we serve and the communities where we work.

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  • Recycle

    Within our Recycle loop, we deploy technology, data and expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value. Reconomy brands within our Recycle loop include cutting-edge material sortation facilities, as well as brands that provide the latest plant and recycling equipment, as well as sophisticated reverse vending machines.

  • Comply

    Our Comply loop is responsible for solving increasingly complex environmental regulatory challenges using data, expert knowledge and thought leadership to drive business accountability across the globe. Within our Comply loop, we have brands capable of managing innovative environmental solutions including international compliance, carbon management, energy management and data management. We also manage take-back and producer responsibility schemes for batteries, electrical goods, textiles, packaging and more.

  • Re-Use

    As part of our Re-use loop, we provide intelligent technology platforms and agile, circular logistics to product returns, fulfilment and processing on behalf of many of Europe’s largest clothing retailers. Across our Re-use brands, we operate and manage a global network of over 270 return carrier services, facilitating returns from anywhere to anywhere, together with options for product rework to prepare for the resale and sustainable dispositioning of stock locally. We have also developed sophisticated software solutions which provide real time control tower visibility of goods at all stages of the supply chain.

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