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Scott Barry

Business Unit Director

An important part of Scotts role as Business Unit Director is to find solutions for making supply chains better, faster, cheaper. This is the ‘Advanced Approach’ and means a lot of his time is spent planning ways to build truly integrated supply chains for customers to seamlessly bring together several different sources of supply, routes, locations, trade partners and sales channels.

Scott joined Advanced Supply Chain Group in 2018 and has progressed upwards through senior transport and planning roles. Prior to this, he gleaned transport management experience working at Eddie Stobart and stock control experience in a busy wholesale environment.

A combination of this experience and insight, along with knowledge of customer service and being able to utilise ASCG’s award winning software Vector, enables him to focus on optimising supply chain visibility for clients.

End-to-end visibility, from supply to sale, provides a continuous flow of real-time data. We use this information to determine solutions for removing complexities and streamlining supply chains. It means we can speed up processes and reduce costs, while also enhancing accuracy and quality.

I work alongside other senior members of the team at ASCG, each with specialist knowledge and hands-on experience of the different components of supply chain management. This covers everything from warehousing and fulfilment, through to fleet, returns, automation and technology, to ensure our supply chain strategies embrace Lean Six Sigma.

Scott works closely with clients, which ensures a collaborative approach that strives towards supply chain operations defined by zero defects, reduced variables and uncertainty. The end result is greater reliability and performance – goods getting to the right places, at the right time and at the right cost. It’s then time to start all over again and to reset the challenge of making supply chains better, faster, cheaper.

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