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Will Robinson

Business Solutions Director

With a long background in software development and systems integration, Will Robinson implements tightly integrated and innovative solutions for customers that match the customer’s needs perfectly. Passionate about systems being easy to use, fast and accurate Will has implemented wholesale changes in how supply chain operations are run, maximising efficiency and visibility.

Will works alongside our customers, commercial teams, IT and operations to work from concept to delivery of supply chain changes.

Previously, Will worked in the automotive industry integrating a large variety of different systems into one, easy to use point of sale application. Having access to information quickly and from one system is an approach Will has adopted at Advanced.

Business requirements are constantly evolving and to stay ahead Advanced must be dynamic and experienced in a wide area of subjects. Will is tasked with ensuring systems are fully integrated, engineered for the future and adaptable in short timescales. Will ensures Advanced have a wide range of capabilities to ensure we can offer our customers true end to end logistics services utilising a wide range of tools and disciplines.

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