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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl der Unternehmen und Marken, für die wir ein wichtiger Bestandteil ihrer Lieferketten sind.

Als zuverlässiger Logistikpartner sorgen wir dafür, dass ihre Produkte immer zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort und in einwandfreiem Zustand sind.

Hier finden Sie einige Empfehlungen und Hinweise zu den Produkten und Dienstleistungen, die Advanced anbietet.

"We have worked in partnership with ASCG to develop systems and processes aligned to our business needs that have delivered and continue to deliver significant service and costs benefits.
ASCG’s operational knowledge combined with their technology background and in-house designers means that they deliver solutions that work."

ASOS spokesperson

"We switched to ASCG as we needed a more strategic partner in place and also someone that had the scale to manage our growth. We need partners with more agility, with more in their locker, someone that understands retail… When I have seen them in action they have been first class, I would be scoring them in the 9s, couldn’t have asked for more."
BooHoo spokesperson.

"Our volume and requirements fluctuations created their own challenges, but Advanced dealt with them professionally and ensured service levels remained excellent."
Matalan spokesperson

"The key for me and my experience with ASCG is the transition for us to ASCG and then the performance throughout COVID. ASCG have done very well adjusting to our accelerated transition plan and ramped up the operation in a lot faster timescale with limited forecast.
There has been an exceptional performance throughout Covid and we were particularly impressed with the adjustments to our highest B2C sales levels and order throughput whilst having to adjust to social distancing measures. Most impressive is that the adjustment took part during a live operation and no down time was required."

HSTV Spokesperson

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