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Air Freight Forwarding

Ensuring your goods get where they need to go with international air freight forwarding, in a timely and secure manner.

What is air freight forwarding?

This is the process of organising and planning the transport of freight from origin to end destination by air.

International air freight is heavily regulated, and key freight documents, insurance, customs, air freight logistics, and other unmitigated circumstances may be encountered at the time. This is why it is important to partner with someone who is an experienced expert in air freight forwarding. This ensures that the process runs smoothly and cost efficiently. 

What does an air freight forwarding partner do?

International air freight forwarding is a complex process, and in order to be handled successfully, significant documentation and coordination are required, which an experienced freight forwarder will handle.

As your freight forwarding partner, we act as intermediaries between shipper and transportation services. These international freight forwarding services could be air freight forwarding, sea freight, road freight, or origin logistics. We work closely with a trusted network of transport partners internationally to transport your merchandise. 

The established Advanced Supply Chain Group network has established relationships that will pass on cost savings to you when it comes to transportation costs and routes. As your air freight forwarding partner, we work to find you routes that are economical, fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Working with an air freight forwarding partner means that the significant logistics of transporting goods from one destination to another is handled by an expert.

Your trusted partner for air freight forwarding

Our well-established relationships in the air freight forwarding industry allow you, as our partner, to have access to the very best international air freight rates in the market. You can also select the most appropriate service from a range of carriers.

Our service encompasses the entire air freight process, from origin to end destination, ensuring timely & secure transportation of goods. We provide a fast and highly competitive solution when tight deadlines require goods to be moved by air. We handle all aspects of air freight forwarding including:

  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo tracking

We handle all of this to provide a hassle-free air freight forwarding service to our customers. Our international freight forwarding team will assist in every facet of the air freight forwarding logistics, simplifying the process and taking the lead on communication to ensure a simplified and organised process.

Let our global network benefit your supply chain.

To find out more about air freight forwarding with Advanced Supply Chain Group, get in touch with our specialist international freight forwarding team here today.

Benefits & Features

  • Experts with global coverage & local Knowledge

  • International Network

  • Tailormade solutions

  • Total end to end visibility of goods in transit

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