It’s official, Advanced Supply Chain has a new look. 

In 2021, Advanced was proud to become part of Reconomy, a dynamic organisation of innovative, technology-led brands helping businesses strive towards a circular economy.

Joining up with Reconomy creates opportunities to work with like-minded colleagues across affinity brands, who have an array of expertise. This supports the ongoing optimisation of supply chains for leading retailers and consumer brands across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Working together with Reconomy brands, Advanced has been able to draw on extensive sustainability experience and insight to support customers in better managing their resources to reduce waste and improve circularity. Similarly, being part of Reconomy has allowed Advanced to leverage decades of international supply chain knowledge to support brands throughout the group.

Together, Advanced Supply Chain and Reconomy are evolving and now is the right time to celebrate and acknowledge this. Our branding has changed to reflect that of the Reconomy ecosystem.

Advanced’s new brand identity will continue to be built on a promise of ‘intelligent supply chain’, with this embodying a driving purpose to utilise technology, data and people to help customers improve the overall performance of their supply chains. Working in partnership with customers, Advanced will focus on optimising the efficiencies and effectiveness of supply chains to minimise waste, carbon emissions and energy consumption, to enhance resourcefulness.

The rebrand is a visual representation of the collaboration that Reconomy thrives on and Advanced will operate as part of Reconomy’s Re-use loop, continuing to provide sustainable, omnichannel supply chain services globally. This includes a range of value-added services covering pre-retail, returns processing, fulfilment, wholesale distribution and transportation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Advanced works as part of Reconomy to improve the circularity of retail supply chains, one of our experts will be happy to get in touch.