It's no secret that COVID-19 has caused massive disruptions for retailers. Unpredictable customer demand has led to stock issues, impacting supply chains across the globe.

The “New Normal”

Companies have had to adapt almost overnight to rethink how they move and manage stock to mitigate risks which are increasingly unpredictable and show little sign of becoming any less challenging.

To help our customers gain better insight into the key trends reshaping supply chain strategies on an uncertain horizon, we worked with specialist research company SAPIO to survey 200 senior retail professionals directly involved in buying, stock inventory management and supply chain management.

The research shows that four in five (82%) retailers are now changing their approach to stock management, with optimising stock availability, performance and inventory management ranking as the top three areas for change. This is driving a series of key trends, which affect lead times, lean stock management practices, contingencies to protect availability of goods, stock monitoring and stock optimisation.

These insights are all shared and analysed in our latest white paper, looking at five new retail supply chain trends as we head into 2021.

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