Last month the ASCG IT department volunteered their time and talents for a special project at Battyeford Primary School, a local school in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, close to our Bradford head office.

Transformation of the schools outdoor space

Chris Moran commented “We have recently engaged with Battyeford Primary School – a local primary school to undertake a project to transform their outside “Quad” area in the middle of school from being an overgrown, tired, unloved space into a bright, colourful area which is safe and accessible to all. Throughout a period of 5 days, teams of volunteers from our business arrived, armed with gardening equipment, paintbrushes and even the occasional power tool, and worked tirelessly to cut back the vegetation, clear away the rotten benches, paint all the pergolas, build new chalkboards, and even make, install and paint new benches. At the end of the 5 days, the change was staggering, and we have created a fabulous space”.

Headteacher Rachel Batty said: “We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers from Advanced who worked tirelessly to help transform a once forgotten, unused space into a wonderful, calm, safe environment where children from across school can access a range of learning opportunities outdoors. Your willingness to support this project, your time, effort, hard work and donation has been amazing and without you help this would not have been achievable”.