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Advanced Supply Chain Group is redefining supply chains across the world through Intelligent Logistics. We protect your revenues and give confidence to your customers by applying our bespoke and innovative approach in a way that delivers cost, accuracy and time saving benefits. Our end to end perspective will ensure that we don’t work in silos, and that we can drive these efficiencies deep into your supply chain.

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It’s not just technology that makes our approach intelligent. We employ the best talent, and we develop our people continuously. We invest heavily in research and development so we are always on the front foot. We apply 21st century management techniques and make them work in the real world. We make our box of tools work for you, rather than asking you to work to a one size fits all set of operating processes. 

Intelligent Logistics is our unique mix of tools, software, intelligence, experience, standards and techniques that enables us to revolutionise supply chains. It includes:

  • Bespoke IT services and software implementation
  • Dedicated research and development activity
  • Industry leading talent
  • Pioneering management techniques
  • ISO quality principles
  • Lean and Six Sigma practices

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Latest News

ASCG in the News
ASCG is regularly asked to contribute to news articles and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics relating to logistics, transport, IT and international supply chain due to our industry knowledge and proven first hand experience. Here you can find links to such articles. - 06/07/2017
ASCG Brexit Survey Results
New research, conducted by international logistics specialist Advanced Supply Chain Group, has found in the 12 months since the EU referendum, overall confidence has risen with respondents measuring current confidence level on a scale of 6.4 out of 10 today. - 06/07/2017
Advanced Driver Makes The Headlines
Advanced driver, Adam Brown, became famous on Facebook when an article showing him performing an impressive manoeuvre was shared on the social media site. - 27/03/2017

Case Studies

A Large Wholesaler
Beyond providing our client with a flexible multi user warehousing option for their summer peak, improving operational flexibility means that the client’s suppliers must also have the ability to deliver into the warehouse quickly to the increased demand.
An Online Fashion Retailer
In partnership with our customer we implemented Advanced’s intelligent logistics principles including a bespoke online IT solution (Vector) which provides simplified administration and order tracking along with a suite of management tools delivering visibility for the retailer their suppliers and us.
Chery Jaguar Land Rover
ASCG provide a wholly managed “Control Tower” that comprehends both the German and United Kingdom supply chain environments for Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Company

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